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0000571FSSCPgameplaypublic2006-11-01 09:55
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Target VersionFixed in Version3.6.9 
Summary0000571: Ships don't accelerate to 100% in autopilot
DescriptionI have to make another attempt into this matter, because it is really disturbing and a big deal in our Mod (WCS).

In Kazan's Autopilot is a small bug, which leads into some ridiculous reactions while using timecompression. I already asked Kazan's into this matter, but he thought he doesn't now how to fix. I have no idea about coding, but it sounds so trivial to me, therefore I try it again this way.

Problem is as follows :

When activating the autopilot (in other words automatic flying with timecompression) the ships aren't accelerating to 100%, only to around 85%. The slowest ship of the group is giving the max autopilot speed.

Now the problem is, that the AI tries to keep the formation while on autopilot. But since they aren't flying full speed, the AI is making little corrections in the formation, which result into a extrem wild hopping when time-compression is bigger than 16x (it's not really visible at normal speed).

So would it be possible to change the behaviour that the ships accelerate to either 100% when all autopilot involved
ships (SEXP : set-nav-carry) are of the same class, or maybe ensure that all ships fly absolut exactly the same speed and can't accelerate/decrease in order to correct their position ?


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psycho_fergo (reporter)

i have a question about that. i have seen the command to activate auto piolate, but how do you do it and how does it work?

i pressed the button but i didnt see anything happen...i dont get it

please explain


Kazan (developer)

pyscho_fergo mantis is not the correct place to ask questions on how to use something - that's what the forums are for.

starman01 i just had an idea on a possible fix for this issue - i'll try it out when i get a chance


psycho_fergo (reporter)

ok, sorry kazan, wont happen again :)


starman01 (reporter)

@Kazan : I'm keeping my fingers crossed :)

Fixing this bug would really make us all happy. BTW, the database is uptodate (including newest mission-variants), if you need stuff for testing. New Account Info is in the forum-sticky.


Kazan (developer)

well i cannot do anything right now as the code is unacceptable unstable so i cannot even get to the part i'm trying to debug without it crashing weirdly on something before.



Goober5000 (administrator)

It looks like this could be fixable by disabling the thing that slows fighters down the closer they get to their leader.


starman01 (reporter)

Glad to see there is some progress in this matter. If you need me testing something, just send me a message :)


Kazan (developer)

Goob that fix would almost certainly resolve the issue. One caveat about large formations is that they need to "swing turn" instead of "pivot turn" like they used to (IE if you have your entire battlegroup in the autopilot sequence with you)


Goober5000 (administrator)

I haven't been able to make heads or tails of this. Kazan, can you take another look?


Backslash (developer)

I think I got it!

Barking up the wrong tree about the 90% speed... I tried disabling that and it's still a problem. But then inspired by Goober's idea I found this:

Near the end of ai_formation(), right before "//See how different this ship's bank is", there's a line:
    set_accel_for_target_speed(Pl_objp, 0.0f);
All the other speed adjustments are relative to the leader's speed. This line seems out of place. I think it should be leader_speed, not 0.0f.


Goober5000 (administrator)

Backslash, you're absolutely right! I just tried it and it worked like a charm. Good find. :)

Now the question is whether this should be changed universally or just changed for the WCS flag. I'd learn toward changing it universally but adding a // COMPATABILITY comment (like TODO or FIXME) so it can be easily found in case it breaks something.


Tolwyn (reporter)

wonderful :)


starman01 (reporter)

Don't get this the wrong way, but I love you guys :)


Goober5000 (administrator)

K, I've committed the fix.

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