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0000466FSSCPgameplaypublic2007-11-22 14:01
Assigned Totaylor 
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Summary0000466: FS2 does not automatically switch to available campaign if main FS2 campaign is not found
DescriptionIf the main campaign (or a campaign of the same name) is not found, the game will not switch to an available one, making the tech room not work (because it doesn't know what to load and what not).
Additional InformationGoob said, "post that on Mantis, and we could fix it so that the game loads the first available campaign if Freespace2.fc2 isn't available"
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child of 0000481resolvedZacam Problems related to the pilot file code (container for multiple bugs) 



phreak (developer)

can we force the user to only view single missions if the selected campaign isn't found?


taylor (administrator)

This will be better handled with the new pilot code. Although this isn't strictly a pilot code problem, all of the code involved is getting changed to work how we use it now. The current stuff works but there are too many ways for it to mess up if you don't have an understanding of how it all works (which is probably just me).

The new code won't default to freespace2.fc2 if current isn't found but will instead jump to the campaign selection screen so that you can pick what campaign you want from those available. Defaulting to one specific campaign won't be a good option considering how some mods now don't use/include the original.


taylor (administrator)

Added to a container bug, 0000481.


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