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0000040FSSCPgraphicspublic2004-03-18 03:35
Assigned ToBobboau 
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Summary0000040: well, beams are rendered behind objects.
You know all about it. just entering this bug report to remind you.

from 3.5
Additional Informationnone, nada, nothing.

Reporter: jonathanwillsher@aol.com (Jonathan Willsher)
Assigned To: fs2source@warpcore.org (Edward Gardner)
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RandomTiger (developer)

This is fixed now isnt it?


Bobboau (developer)

I think it's about fighter beams, and they have bigger problems at the moment


redmenace (manager)

This is mine from a while ago. It might be fixed. I should test it. if I don't see the proble I will ask Goober to close thise bug


RandomTiger (developer)

You dont need to bother goober.
Just add a bug note confirming its fixed and the next coder to look at the bug will close it.


Bobboau (developer)

it seems to have been fixed (I was just told by someone who experienced this that it's fixed though I don't remember seeing it my self, if I see it I'll reopen this)

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