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0000038FSSCPgraphicspublic2004-03-23 06:36
Assigned ToBobboau 
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Summary0000038: particles only rendered for one beam at a time.
DescriptionI have noticed for some time now that the particle effects that are supposed to
be generated when a beam is charging up (the little colored dotss that form and
coalesce around the main charge-up glow bitmap) frequently do not appear at
all. After closer examination, it seems that this is because the game only
renders the particles for one beam at a time; if a beam is charging up with the
particles, all other beams that begin charging up within that period will not
show the particles (first one gets the priority). This bug has actually been
around since the initial 1.0 version of the game.
Additional Information------- Additional Comment 0000001 From phreak 2003-05-03 11:28 -------
i think the developers didn't want to overload the game with particles and
leave the clock cycles to important stuff

------- Additional Comment 0000002 From Roee Shenberg (Fry_Day) 2003-05-20 10:25 -------
Urm, I'm pretty sure that particles not appearing is keyed to how many
particles exist at one time (There's an array capable of holding a maximum of
MAX_PARTICLES particles, currently 2000, if my memory serves me right), and it
throws away the oldest ones to make way for new ones, so this really doesn't
make sense.

Reporter: cp5670@3dap.com (Gaurav Thakur)
Assigned To: fs2source@warpcore.org (Edward Gardner)
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Bobboau (developer)

I've never seen this my self, maybe bumping up the max particles would fix it


CP5670 (reporter)

Last edited: 2004-03-05 13:34

wow, I reported this so long ago that I can hardly remember it myself. :D

I think the issue is with the number of beamglows rather than the number of particles. For example, you can make a beam have 500 particles and it will look fine in the game but if you make a beam with 5 particles and have two of them charging up at the same time, you will only see particles on one.

edited on: 03-05-04 13:34


Bobboau (developer)

turns out a V hack was responsable for this, I made the hack (wich caused particles to be rendered for a beam only every 100 ms) to work on a per beam basis, rather than on a global basis, thus fixing the bug,
big problem was fixing it for fighter beams, the new code has only one sybsystem used by all (fighter beams, this doesn't effect old beams, ie the ones comeing off turrets) beams on a ships, and so when you go to render the muzzle glow the fireing point is the last one to be fired, for all four beams, this also may explain some weirdness in both normal beams being fired form multi-pont turrets and earlier versions of the new code were I let the ship fire non-fighter beams (intend to alow this again eventualy)

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