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0000330FSSCPuser interfacepublic2007-11-22 14:01
Assigned Totaylor 
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Summary0000330: Some HUD-Changes aren't being saved into the pilot-file
DescriptionSince there has been the bugfix that allows to swap the colour of the jumpnode in the HUD-Config menu by the selection of "purple,blue or green", I noticed that this
selection is not being saved after leaving the game. Everytime you relauch, it will be set again to the default-value "green". All other HUD-Changes (like colour-setting) will be saved fine.
Additional InformationIt happens with all (newer) builds. I use the following flags in the launcher : -glow -jpgtga -fps -ambient_factor 125
If you need any additional information contact me over PM at the HLP-Forum, Username "Starman01" from WC-Saga.

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taylor (administrator)

Umm, it's been like that since FS2 retail as I remember. Only FS1 actually saved that setting out to the pilot file. When V made it so that the HUD gauges could have independantly configurable color I don't think they ever made use of the single color setting by itself. It will always get reset to green when the game starts up since that's what it's coded to do.

It would be a quick modification to the pilot file to save/use this setting but that would require another version upgrade. I'd rather not do that for this single change but I can add it to the list and when I made the update for the new controlconfig I can do this at the same time.


taylor (administrator)

Added to a container bug, 0000481.


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