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0000032FSSCPDirectXpublic2004-01-21 14:13
Assigned ToRandomTiger 
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Summary0000032: DX8 extremly slow and low texture quality
DescriptionDespite the dx8 build running on my system, it is incredibly slow! Time is
switch from main hall to mission, command briefing to main briefing and then to
actual mission has increased significantly. Actual gameplay is now horrendous
due to low frame rates. Also, texture quality has decreased.

------- Additional Comment 0000001 From Tom 2002-12-02 06:26 -------
Texture quality *may* be back to normal now.
Additional InformationOS: windows 2000

reported by:
lionrampant31@hotmail.com (Matt "Vyper" Brown)

Assigned to:
: tlwhittaker2000@hotmail.com (Tom)
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kasperl (developer)


original bugzilla post.


RandomTiger (developer)

RT - I e-mail the reporter of this bug to check it is still an issue

Jeepers, I forgot all about that bug. No its pretty much cleared up now with everything speeding up EXCEPT: The transition from briefing to mission is still pretty laggy. You hear the battle starting and then about 2-5 seconds later you join depends on how big it is. That's probably just a residual fs2 retail bug. So er, no probs! :)

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