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0003161FSSCPgraphicspublic2015-06-09 19:31
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Summary0003161: Skybox Rendering Issues
DescriptionSkyboxes that use multiple subobjects (such as ones used in Diaspora and JAD) cause bounding boxes (and sometimes other circles) to appear.

Attached is a skybox setup used in JAD that shows the problem.

Load up FRED and change the background to use the models as skyboxes.
betaskybox.pof uses a skybox with a child subobject (the starfield) and a bounding box shows up.
betaskybox2.pof doesn't have that child subobject and it renders fine and dandy.

Additional InformationMy own completely uneducated guess is that the changes to the model render flags in the deferred lighting update has done *something*.
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Swifty (developer)

A fix for this issue has been committed: https://github.com/SamuelCho/fs2open.github.com/commit/44de943a997b7be96a771dc181b832e192ae8800

Please see if there are still any skybox issues in builds with the fix.


Axem (reporter)

FYI this is fixed now

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