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0003159FSSCPsoundpublic2020-04-12 23:32
Assigned Tom_m 
Product Version3.7.3 
Target VersionFixed in Version19.0.0 
Summary0003159: looping with play-sound-from-file isn't seamless
DescriptionIt's near impossible to have a seamless looping music track in missions because there is a very small break in the audio when the game has to loop back to the start.

See attached "music" (its just a tone) and mission for an example. The tone should be constant, but its not!
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m_m (developer)

The timer interval used for looping sounds is way to high. Currently the timer fires every 250 ms which causes the audible gap in the sound. Even lowering it to 20 doesn't solve that.
The audiostream code is pretty ugly and does a lot of things for no good reason (why use a timer instead of running things on the main thread? Why not just continue writing data into the buffer when we want the sound to loop?).


Goober5000 (administrator)

This was fixed in Github:

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