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0000028FSSCPgameplaypublic2004-04-13 01:48
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Summary0000028: Custom hitpoints feature does not affect subsystems
DescriptionThe custom hitpoints feature does not affect the subsystems' hitpoints, which are normally dependent on the ship's main hitpoint value (I think the values specified in ships.tbl are percentages of this). This was particularly noticeable when I was attacking a Mjolnir with modified hitpoints and saw its outer shell drop off (at which point it looks really lame) when it was still at around 98% hull integrity. This issue occurs in the 12_05_2003 version.
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Goober5000 (administrator)

Er. The custom hitpoints mod is supposed to adjust everything equally... subsystem hitpoints remain at the same percentage regardless of the main hull. So increasing the hull hitpoints should also proportionately increase the subsystem hitpoints.

Can you confirm that you were actually using the hitpoints mod? (And does the text of the mission file reflect that?) Does the problem occur in any of the previous versions?


CP5670 (reporter)

Last edited: 2004-01-19 19:37

Here is the text for one of the ships from that mission that uses the custom hitpoints:

$Name: Mjolnir 01 ;! Object 0000006
$Class: GTSG Mjolnir
$Alt: PCSG Mjolnir

$Team: Hostile
$Location: -328.100616, -0.001244, 3863.444336
    0.680795, -0.159535, -0.714893,
    -0.731643, -0.101525, -0.674090,
    0.034962, 0.981960, -0.185840
$AI Behavior: None
$Cargo 1: XSTR("Nothing", -1)
+Initial Velocity: 33
+Initial Hull: 100
+Initial Shields: 100
+Subsystem: Pilot
+Subsystem: turret01
$Arrival Location: Hyperspace
$Arrival Cue: ( true )
$Departure Location: Hyperspace
$Departure Cue: ( false )
$Determination: 10
+Flags: ( "cargo-known" "no-shields" )
+Flags2: ( )
+Respawn priority: 0
+Special Hitpoint index: 98
+Group: 0
+Score: 17

And here is the list of variables for that mission, in which the hitpoint values appear to be stored:

        0 "cargoproximity" "0" "number"
        92 "Mjolnir 04" "0" "block"
        93 "Mjolnir 04" "25000" "block"
        94 "Mjolnir 03" "0" "block"
        95 "Mjolnir 03" "25000" "block"
        96 "Mjolnir 02" "0" "block"
        97 "Mjolnir 02" "25000" "block"
        98 "Mjolnir 01" "0" "block"
        99 "Mjolnir 01" "25000" "block"

Do you see any problems there? I didn't notice this in any previous versions, but then again I never really tried attacking subsystems individually in those versions.

[edit] hmm, it looks like the number sign tells Mantis to create a link to the bug with the following number; the 0000006 thing should be a number sign followed by 6.

edited on: 01-19-04 19:37


Goober5000 (administrator)

Fixed. All it took was adjusting the subsystem value at the proper place in the code. I assumed the existing code would take care of it automatically, but the odd redundancy in the ship creation procedure reverted the subsystems to their original strengths.

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