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0002762FSSCPuser interfacepublic2021-01-09 05:04
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Product Version3.6.15 
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Summary0002762: Weapon tech model feature never fully implimented
DescriptionWhile the wiki states that the tech model will be used in both the loadout and tech room it is only used in the loadout. Researching this it appears that the tech room part of this feature was never actually implemented. From weapons.h:

char tech_model[MAX_FILENAME_LEN]; //Image to display in the techroom (TODO) or the weapon selection screen if the ANI isn't specified/missing

Only tech_anim_filename is references for weapons in techroom_select_new_entry() in techmenu.cpp. As this was a 3.6.10 feature (according to the wiki) I think the TODO part of that commit has been long forgotten.
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