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0002737FSSCPmath-relatedpublic2012-12-15 14:20
Assigned ToValathil 
Product Version3.6.15 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0002737: Null vec3d launching fighters
DescriptionI've run into another Null vec3d error. Any fighters launched from the DI Sekhmet in TBP (attaching retail compatible version) will trigger this. Ignoring it does result in proper fighter launch but I can't figure out why it is happening with this ship.

I have stepped through in the debugger. Tracing back and adding a Break point vm_orthogonalize_matrix() in vecmat.cpp shows the issue occurs in the vm_vec_normalize() at line 1255. Going back a bit farther and stepping into the vm_vec_crossprod() 2 lines above showed that it changed the rvec to 0,0,0.
Steps To ReproduceDrop pof, tbm, and mission into the appropriate directories and run the mission. 10 seconds in the wing launches triggering the issue.
Additional Informationr9384 but apparently(haven't tested myself) happens in 3.6.14 as well.
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FUBAR-BDHR (developer)

After trying a few things with the model it appears that the cause is point 5 of the bay paths being directly below point 6. Moving them 5 forward works around the issue. The code should still be able to handle this case.


FUBAR-BDHR (developer)

It would appear my theory about having a ship pointing straight down proved correct. Attaching retail mission with the issue. Any bay path pointing straight down when a fighter launches causes the issue. It doesn't matter the orientation of the path on the model but the orientation in the game when launching.


Valathil (developer)

Fix committed to trunk@9438.

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