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0002690FSSCPgraphicspublic2012-11-16 14:22
ReporterAdmiral MS 
Assigned Tozookeeper 
Product Version3.6.14 RC6 
Target Version3.6.16Fixed in Version3.6.15 
Summary0002690: ship-create and mn.createShip() don't load thruster models/submodels
DescriptionCreating a ship in a mission using either the ship-create SEXP or the scripting function mn.createShip() won't load the corresponding thruster models/submodels.
The bug won't appear if the shipclass is already present in mission or the class has been loaded in a previous mission without closing the game in between.
Steps To Reproduceplay attached mission, there is a second Deimos present with arrival to false
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zookeeper (developer)

Trunk r9349 ought to fix this. I'm marking this as fixed although more testing would be good, as my tests were rather simple.

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