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0002600FSSCPuser interfacepublic2012-11-19 00:57
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PlatformOSWindows 7 64bitOS Version
Product VersionAntipodes 8 
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Summary0002600: Misc Anims Sounds Are Duplicated

This video showcases an annoying issue. In this case I just finished the campaign 'Z-Galatea A'. I had switched to 'Z-Bastion A' to load that mainhall for testing. Then I wanted to switch back to 'Z-Galatea A' however the game wouldn't let me. Probably because the campaign was completed. So I then click to restart the campaign and then Accept. FSO still denied my clicks on Accept. Finally I just pressed 'Escape' which returned me to the mainhall, obviously with 'Z-Galatea A' loaded anyway. Why does FSO deny the Accept button in this case? It really shouldn't.

If the campaign is completed when you try to load it, it should tell you to restart the campaign OR just load it and let the Ready Room tell you to restart the campaign.
Steps To ReproduceSee description.
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MjnMixael (manager)

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WOOPS. I was tired when I put this bug in. The description was for an Antipodes bug that I meant to report as well.

The REAL description: Misc anim sounds are duplicated after they are played the first time. In the video, pay attention to the welding sound and how it gets louder. The sound is definitely doubled if you listen closely. (Playing two or more instances of the same sounds.)


Goober5000 (administrator)

This seems like designed behavior. The misc sounds are specified to start playing at a particular frame of the misc animation. If the first sound is longer than the time between trigger frames, then it will overlap with the second triggered sound.

Example timeline, using ASCII art:



MjnMixael (manager)

no, you need to watch the video. The sound is played twice within a frame of it self or something.


Goober5000 (administrator)

I did watch the video, multiple times. I can't hear any instance of two sounds being played almost simultaneously. What I *can* hear is what seems to be two instances of the same sound that partly (but significantly less than completely) overlap.


MjnMixael (manager)

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Ok, well you probably just don't know what to listen for.

But if you want more to check, then this is not duplicated pre-mainhall refactor code. Even more so that the sound used there and the frames the sound is called to play on are the same as the original FSPort mainhall....

Also, all the welding sounds are finished playing before that anim loops again. So it can't be that sort of sound overlap issue.


CommanderDJ (developer)

MjnMixael, could you please check if the issue persists in the latest AP build? I don't have any particular reason for believing it's been fixed, but I thought I'd make sure before chasing a bug that's not there. And also I can't actually hear the bug anymore, though I remember I could when you first reported it.


Goober5000 (administrator)

Do we have an approximate time for when this bug appeared? Or will someone have to perform divide-and-conquer using the recent builds?


CommanderDJ (developer)


Guess what? The bug has been around since before my code. Revert trunk to before my code went in (yeah, trunk, not just AP) and the bug is still there. That is, two sounds are still being played. In the test pack you sent me, Mjn, there's still a slight "stutter" once the welding starts on second and subsequent times. The difference between previous builds and new ones is the volume increase. Old builds (as in, AP 8105 and older (possibly newer, haven't had time to test them yet)) would play the sound twice but the volume would stay the same. New ones stack the volume so the bug is much more noticeable.

Also I'm deleting my last note. Given this new information, I don't think it's even slightly relevant. So yeah.


MjnMixael (manager)

Interesting. Well at least it's not your code that is the culprit!


MjnMixael (manager)

Update: This only happens on the first sound listed. My work around is to make the first sound an empty sound on frame 0.


CommanderDJ (developer)

This turned out not to be an issue with FSO. Closing.

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