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0002568FSSCPFREDpublic2012-01-15 19:13
Assigned ToThe_E 
Product Version3.6.14 RC2 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.6.13 
Summary0002568: "Fog Near" and "Fog Far" multipliers added to mission file regardless of save format setting
DescriptionAll versions of FRED from the August 21, 2011 Nightly build onward always add "+Fog Near Mult" and "+Fog Far Mult" to the mission file regardless of the selected save format. This is a problem because these values prevent the mission from loading in the retail version, and they crash any version of FSO that does not support them.
Steps To ReproduceSimply save a mission in any version FRED since August 21, 2011. The above-mentioned parameters will be present just below the mission description.
Additional InformationI am almost certain that this was introduced in r7494.
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The_E (administrator)

Fixed in trunk revision 8214


Zacam (administrator)

Fix committed to fs2_open_3_6_14@8239.

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