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0002560FSSCPBuild systempublic2012-01-11 12:54
Assigned ToThe_E 
PlatformMacbook Pro June 2009OSOS X Snow LeopardOS Version10.6.8
Product Version3.6.13 
Target Version3.6.14Fixed in Version3.6.13 
Summary0002560: Some commit cross-pollination broke Antipodes building on OS X and got out of sync with trunk
DescriptionNeed to make sure trunk and antipodes are properly synced, then fix the broken compiling on OS X.
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2012-01-11 12:47 chief1983 New Issue
2012-01-11 12:47 chief1983 Status new => assigned
2012-01-11 12:47 chief1983 Assigned To => chief1983
2012-01-11 12:53 chief1983 Assigned To chief1983 => The_E
2012-01-11 12:53 chief1983 Status assigned => resolved
2012-01-11 12:53 chief1983 Fixed in Version => 3.6.13
2012-01-11 12:53 chief1983 Resolution open => fixed
2012-01-11 12:54 chief1983 Changeset attached => fs2open antipodes r8162
2012-01-11 12:54 chief1983 Changeset attached => fs2open trunk r8163
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