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0002547FSSCPSEXPspublic2011-12-18 03:43
Assigned ToGoober5000 
Product Version3.6.14 RC1 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.6.14 
Summary0002547: ship-effect does not accept a wing name
DescriptionFRED implies that ship-effect should accept a wing name. However, only indivudal craft can be selected in the menu. See Add'l info below

Additional Informationship-effect
    Plays an animated shader effect on the ship(s) or wing(s).
Takes 3 or more arguments...
    1: Effect name (as defined in post_processing.tbl)
    2: How long the effect should take in milliseconds
    Rest: Ship or wing name
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Goober5000 (administrator)

Fixed in revision 8097.

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