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0002386FSSCPgameplaypublic2011-10-02 04:12
Assigned ToThe_E 
Product Version3.6.13 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.6.13 
Summary0002386: Ships with no ets flag that dont have afterburners or shields never recharge weapons
DescriptionRelative table entries:

$Shields: 0
$Power Output: 4
$Max Weapon Eng: 1
$Flags: ( "bomber" "player_ship" "intrinsic no shields" "no ets"
                      "generate icon" "in tech database" "dont collide invisible" )
$Afterburner: NO

The primaries are ballistic but use energy as an overheat mechanism.
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Zacam (administrator)

Trunk Commit 7107 adjust systems handling when "no ets" is used.
Please see if this change addressed this issue or not.


CommanderDJ (developer)

Just tested this with r7776. The issue does not arise.

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