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0002355FSSCPFREDpublic2015-04-16 00:23
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Product Version3.6.13 
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Summary0002355: Primary and secondary banks with no default weapons cannot be set
DescriptionWhile you can set a weapon to none in FRED there is no way to have a turret set to none by default (not counting hacking a dummy weapon into the tables). Entries in the tables like $Default Sbanks: ( "" ) are legal but there is no way to change them as parsing doesn't actually count them as defined banks since weapon_info_lookup fails.

Also these banks are changeable via sexp but in tests on secondaries do not fire.
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child of 0002715assignedniffiwan Weapons are always loaded on top banks when some banks are empty 



Valathil (developer)

Could a fix for this break currently existing missions?


FUBAR-BDHR (developer)

I don't see how. Any existing models that have weapons tabled this way couldn't have used those weapons in missions. As the default would still be no weapon behavior should not change. This would just allow those weapon banks to be used in new missions.

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