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0002331FSSCPHUDpublic2010-10-26 06:21
Assigned ToThe_E 
Product VersionAntipodes 7 
Target VersionFixed in VersionAntipodes 7 
Summary0002331: Messages with variables do not update with hud-set-message present
DescriptionI got a weird bug happening with the hud-set-message and variables. If I use hud-set-message at all, variables in messages won't update past their initial value, either through hud-set-message or through normal send-message. But as soon as I take out hud-set-message, everything works fine.

Here's a quick mod that shows the problem. Comes with a hud gauge and two missions. One has a timer that tries to use hud-set-message in a number of ways, and the only one that works is using hud-set-text-num taking the variable as a parameter directly. The other is a mission has the same timer set up, just using only send-message and no hud sexps.

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The_E (administrator)

Fix committed to Antipodes branch revision 6691

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