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0002279FSSCPPlatform-Engine interactionpublic2011-06-24 00:47
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Summary0002279: Haptic (Force Feedback) support for Linux and OS X
DescriptionA reminder of the haptic code for SDL and FSO which allows for haptic support on Linux and OS X. Patches for both FSO and SDL 1.2 (already included in 1.3) are attached.

NOTE: patches are from git and won't work with TortiseSVN without some modifications to the diffs.
Additional InformationVery little testing done so far.

What it currently does:
 - provides basic port of Windows joy_ff code to SDL
 - runtime loads haptic functions from SDL lib supporting haptic
 - does NOT require ANY external libs to build
 - does NOT require special SDL lib except to use haptic

What it currently lacks:
 - lots of testing, particularly with different controllers
 - better resource management for devices that can't load all effects at once
 - proper support for rumble devices
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