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0002274FSSCPFS2NetDpublic2019-11-22 16:40
Assigned Totaylor 
StatusclosedResolutionwon't fix 
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Summary0002274: Number of missions does not update
DescriptionSomething I have noticed is that my # of missions hasnt changed from 19 since it bugged after 600 or so flown missions, ut looks like it happened to shade too. It updates everything else after every mission.
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taylor (administrator)

I'll get a new build to you this weekend to try and track this down. I have never been able to find any issue on the server side which would explain why your stats are screwy. According to the server logs everything is working perfectly, so I'm hoping that some client side work will be able to sort this out.


Hunter (reporter)

hey taylor, do you have a messenger or a better way to contact you?


taylor (administrator)

Email is the best way to get me; I'm almost never able to be on IM/IRC. If you don't already know or can't find/figure out my email then PM me on the forums and I'll get it to you. We can then coordinate a chat session of some sort when real-time communication is needed.


taylor (administrator)

Your stats got updated to 20 missions, do you happen to still have the log from that? If not do you remember who you were playing, whether on standalone or hosting the game or a client, and what mission it was?

I'm running tests just playing myself and the stats are all updating fine so far. There are still a few things to try though so I'll keep at it.


taylor (administrator)

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