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0000022FSSCPDirectXpublic2004-03-04 09:58
Assigned ToKazan 
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Summary0000022: Fixing FS2_multiplayer for LAN?
DescriptionWhenever I create a multiplayer game with FS2_open (any version after 3.5.5) it will crash. It crashes the very second I hit the 'create' button. (I have set all parameters to LAN game, disabled my internet connection in the settings, etc) - I was told this has to do with Kazan's new multiplayer code.

Still, it's very annoying since I actually WANT to play FS2_open via LAN or direct IP-IP connection. There should really be some way to disable that new multi stuff, when it's successfully crashing every game I intend to start :(
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Kazan (developer)

Did you uncheck "PXO"?


Lightspeed (reporter)



Kazan (developer)

Ok i'll check this


Kazan (developer)

double checked that all fs2 code was encapsulated by om_tracker_flag checks and then ran through a multigame on lan - no problems

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