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0002143FSSCPAIpublic2012-12-01 02:09
Assigned Tokarajorma 
Product Version3.6.10 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0002143: A wing with 2 simultaneous ai-destroy-subsystem goals does not work as expected.
DescriptionCreate a wing with 2 ai-destroy-subsystem goals (I used initial orders to do this) after the first subsystem is destroyed the ships will just attack the specified ship instead of concentrating on the second subsystem. Both subsystems when I tried this were on the same ship. Priorities seemed to make no difference with regards to moving to the next subsystem.
Additional InformationAttaching the mission file I saw this in. Fortunately I hadn't done much work yet, so it's a fairly simple mission. Aquarius is the wing of interest.
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child of 0001956resolvedkarajorma Disarm/Disable results in protection for some ship classes for others not. 



karajorma (administrator)

Sushi, I'm already working on the way protecting ships works as it is so it's probably more sensible if I take this one unless you've already solved it(even though it is an AI bug).


Sushi_CW (developer)

By all means, knock yourself out. :)


karajorma (administrator)

This is basically the same bug as 1956 in a different form. An objecttypes.tbl change is the solution.

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