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0002112FSSCPdockingpublic2012-11-19 20:06
Assigned ToGoober5000 
Product Version3.6.11 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0002112: Multiple large containers docked to long skinny transpor result in pinball on destruction
DescriptionTried to reproduce this using retail data but it's just not possible due to the ship sizes. I did get close by modifying a GTM Hippocrates with multiple dock points on the nose and moving the center to the rear of the ship but it's minor compared to the actual problem. Also modified the TAC so it could dock to it. Those are included in the attachment as well.

I made 2 simple models. One represents the transport and is a 40x40x1000 rectangle. The other represents the cargo. It was originally 39x39x350. That one did not cause the problem to occur. Increasing that to 78x78x350 does cause the issue although not as severe as I have seen in the actual ship and container which I can't upload.

Docking 1 container does not cause the problem. Docking 2 containers with one at each end of the ship does not cause the problem. Docking 2 containers at the same end of the ship gives minor symptoms of the problem. 3 at one end it really starts to go nuts. So it's definitely not only the size of the cargo container but the proximity to other containers
Additional Information3.6.11 r5858. Attaching archive containing modified GTM Hippocrates and TAC. Mission 1dockbug.fs2 goes with these. Also included are the rectangular test transport and cargo along with the .tbm for them and mission dockbug.fs2.

While you won't notice much of the pinball effect you will see the ship accelerate beyond it's max speed due to it. The actual ship has the containers docked at 120 degree angles from each other instead of 90 which may be causing the effect to be more apparent. You can see it on the Hippocrates test. When you shoot a container it will start moving in one direction then do a slight skip backwards.
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has duplicate 0002557closedGoober5000 Jettison-cargo-delay doesn't work 



FUBAR-BDHR (developer)

Just noticed using jettison cargo causes the same effect as a container being destroyed.


Goober5000 (administrator)

I believe this is the same issue as 0002557 which was fixed as part of 0000945. Need to confirm this.


Goober5000 (administrator)

Pretty much confirmed. Closing as duplicate.

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