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0002083FSSCPuser interfacepublic2021-01-09 01:32
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Summary0002083: Launcing a TC for the first time with -start_mission after last playing multi = stuck
DescriptionInstalled Diaspora on a couple of the standalones for some AI balancing runs. Have a shortcut with -start_mission to autoload the test mission. Well since the last thing loaded was FS2 multi when it got to the pilot selection screen I had to create a multi pilot as it would not let me select single. So I created one and it actually loaded the mission without error. The problem was at the loadout screen. Since it's a single player mission I couldn't do anything. Commit gave a loadout error. Escape did nothing. There were no ships or weapons to assign to the ships. Had to alt-ctrl-del and end task.

As there is already a different mission loading command line option for multiplayer (-almission) I think multi should ignore -start_mission. Probably the other way around too if it doesn't already.

The second part is why it didn't allow me to switch to creating a single player pilot is another issue one that I though was resolved a long time ago.
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FSCyborg (developer)

I believe I just fixed this in 2020


FSCyborg (developer)

See https://github.com/scp-fs2open/fs2open.github.com/pull/3029 for details

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