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0000198FSSCPFRED graphicspublic2007-03-23 04:21
Assigned Totaylor 
Product Version 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.6.5 
Summary0000198: Fred crashes when grid clicked on
DescriptionI've downloaded the fs2_open and fred2 code from the CVS and compiled them. But when I try and run Fred it will work fine until I click somewhere on the grid and then it will crash. I get an Assert() error, here it is:

Assert: G3_count == 0
File: D:\Downloads\FS2\3_6_source\fs2_open\code\Render\3dSetup.cpp
Line: 234

Call stack:
    IMP_D.EXE 0061042f()
    IMP_D.EXE 0061068f()
    IMP_D.EXE 004320f3()
    IMP_D.EXE 0042ab10()
    IMP_D.EXE 0087ece4()
    IMP_D.EXE 0087daea()
    IMP_D.EXE 008858ae()
    IMP_D.EXE 0078bf98()
    IMP_D.EXE 00722866()
    KERNEL32.DLL bff8b560()
    KERNEL32.DLL bff8b412()
    KERNEL32.DLL bff89dd5()
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darkchrono (reporter)

Actually this doens't occur when I click on the grid. It happens when I pass the cursor over a ship on the grid. And it doesn't seem to matter what display options I have checked. I can have everything unchecked and it will still crash if the the mouse over its position.


RandomTiger (developer)

Are you sure you compiled it incorrectly?


darkchrono (reporter)

It may have been linking to a bad code.lib or something. I went in and commented out all the G3_count asserts and rebuilt everything and everything seems to be fine now.


RandomTiger (developer)

Last edited: 2004-06-26 02:01


Commenting out debug errors is no way to fix anything!
Im working on fred and the moment and I get no G3_count asserts.

edited on: 06-26-04 02:01


darkchrono (reporter)

Last edited: 2004-06-26 18:31

Don't have to worry about anything getting commited since I'm not on the team. I'm thinking I must have had a bum code.lib because I was having some other weirdness with Fred. Commenting out those Asserts() would have no effect with the retail build. But when I did take them out I rebuilt everything at the same time. Putting them back in has not caused any other problems. So it had to have been a bum code.lib.

As far as I'm concerned the issue is fixed and you can close this.

edited on: 06-26-04 18:31


taylor (administrator)

Looks to be fixed, closing.

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