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0001958FSSCPlauncherpublic2010-05-25 19:26
Assigned Totaylor 
Product Version3.6.11 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0001958: Launcher does not detect non standard resolutions below 1024x768
Descriptionwhat the title says.

While the game is perfectly capable to use any resolution supplied via INI (unix) or registry key (windows) current launcher build (I believe it is 5.5d) always defaults to 640x480. The most annoying part is that it resets resolution specified in windows registry every time I change something in the launcher.

Freespace runs perfectly well on a netbook as long as no MV enchancements are used. Most netbook come with a fairly low resolution: it's either 1024 x 600 or, in my case, 1024 x 576.

Netbooks, that will be released later this year, will be using ION GPU, which should allow to use MV standard package. Granted, many will come with a higher res TFT display, but still I think that this should be adressed, maybe not in the current launcher, but in the new one.
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taylor (administrator)

Fixed locally.


taylor (administrator)


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