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0001891FSSCPmultiplayerpublic2020-09-04 15:30
Assigned ToFSCyborg 
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Product Version3.6.9 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0001891: Traitor IFF not woking for player ships in coop missions
DescriptionTrying to do a combination of a coop and dogfight with AI included. Setting everyone to traitor in the ships editor and with an event at mission start both do nothing but turn the targeting boxes red and allow aspect missile lock. Missile do not track the lock and the ships are still treated as friendly for scoring purposed.

If set via event they will turn back to friendly at respawn. Using a everytime-argument event to reset them to traitor does make them act like traitors but only after they respawn.
Additional Information3.6.10 r5083 Attaching 2 missions. First is set just as traitor. Second is using the when-argument method.
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Goober5000 (administrator)

What exactly is a "co-op dogfight"? Isn't that the same as a TvT with only fighters?

It looks like FS2 is performing as designed: assigning players on your team to be friendly.


FUBAR-BDHR (developer)

Well what I was trying to do was a dogfight with AI and player ships. Since I don't want the dogfight scoring system and dogfights self-destruct AI fighters I tried with a co-op that allowed the players to fight each other. Kind of a cutthroat game where you can work together or knock the other players out. I did a TvT gauntlet which is similar in concept but it's a combination of a co-op gauntlet and TvT instead of dogfight and TvT.

The problem is the behavior is not consistent between methods and after respawns. Also this is not the only use for traitor AI I've found in co-op. I've used it before as a mission failure type event without issues (at least that I've noticed). Of course before that triggers it's pretty certain everyone has died at least once.


karajorma (administrator)

Use the no debriefing mission flag to turn off the dogfight scoring system. And I'm pretty sure there is a way to work around the AI self destruct too actually.


karajorma (administrator)

Is it possible to simply make a new IFF which has the abilities you want? Cause the traitor IFF is used throughout the code as something special and I don't want to pick through the 133 references to the word traitor in the code unless I have to.


FUBAR-BDHR (developer)

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Probably (I think I made a hostile to everything one for Diasproa) but then you are looking at missions which require a mod to play. We all know how well mods and multiplayer go together.

Actually after re-reading the report now I'm wondering if that would even work. If traitor is getting reset for player ships it's possible that any iff would get reset to friendly at respawn. So there may be 2 different issues here. Not preserving the iff at respawn (could be because of the future wing bug) and a first life bug with traitor itself.

Scratch the other IFF part. I was just going through the code and weapons will not home in on the same team unless it's IFF_TRAITOR.


FSCyborg (developer)

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I honestly do not think we will make this a priority. Traitor is too hard-wired and could waste a lot of time. There were some issues with player AI, yes.

If not given orders, player available ai ships are now told to form on the wing of their team leader.

Them not attacking, was likely because the normal traitor pathway was not followed and the orders not updated.

We could possibly work on the alternative in the future of adding other ships to Dogfights. (although that may already be possible, I've never gone through the effort of trying)


Goober5000 (administrator)

Works for me.

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