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0001834FSSCP---------public2009-01-24 01:27
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Summary0001834: Custom DDS Insignia will not display without replacing a pcx
DescriptionIn the Multiplayer lobby, any custom insignia that do not have a pre-existing PCX file are not displayed or even catalogued. At minimum, a 1px pcx file of the same file name must be present.

Additionally annoying, any DDS above 128*128 will not display either. But I don't suppose that insignia need to be any larger than that.

This largely is not a huge concern as replacements for the retail ones still show up. But for the FSU to add additional ones as enhancements (Including canon Insignia not used in the campaign, or for other campaigns/mods to offer Insignia outside of mission scripting) it would get rather annoying having to create (or reuse) a 1px pcx for each occurance even if it is only 899 bytes (4,096 bytes on disk depending on your file structure) being wasted.
Steps To ReproduceAny DDS image of 128*128 into a mod (but not FS) \data\players\squads\0001.dds.

Load multi, and only the retail insignia will show.

Now create and save a 1px 0001.pcx.

It will now display the DDS image.
Additional InformationBeing able to reference a list table for insignia might be helpful in vetting a selection process between MVP/Retail or Mad/Campaign specific Insignia and user made Insignia (user made not listed in said table).

May or may not require additional interface elements to choose between selection type.
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Zacam (administrator)

Last edited: 2008-12-06 21:48

As per chiefs commit to resolve 1836, builds 4981 and 4983 now allow for the selection of more than PCX via FRED for insignia.

For +Squad Logo: in #Wings, either PCX or DDS can be listed there. However, +SquadReassignLogo: still only renders the logo when a PCX file is listed, even if the DDS file has a PCX copy.

And in multiplayer lobby, a DDS still needs a PCX to show in the barracks.


Goober5000 (administrator)

K. Looks like the only places where PCX is specified exclusively are multi_data.cpp and managepilot.cpp. These files (search for .pcx) need to be modified to handle the ext_list or type_list arrays defined in bmpman.cpp.


taylor (administrator)

Just for the record, requiring a PCX version of the insignia was done purposefully, for the specific reason of preserving multi compatibility. It was also done to get around various bmpman issues, since different systems could support different file-types (previously with -jpgtga being an issue, now just due to hardware/platform issues).

Although requiring the other image type might be considered annoying, it was never actually a bug. It was done for the sole purpose of removing the compatibility issues imposed by having to support other computers with varying capabilities as well as preserving proper multi compatibility with older versions of FSO.


Goober5000 (administrator)

Ah. Okay then. :)

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