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0001677FSSCPFREDpublic2010-05-19 08:23
Assigned Tokarajorma 
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Target VersionFixed in Version3.6.11 
Summary0001677: "toggle subsystem scanning" does not work
DescriptionIt is pretty straight forward: enabling "scannable" and "toggle subsystem scanning" yields no effect with latest trunk builds. Since the mission worked perfectly with earlier builds (like taylors XT 1023), I am under the impression, that the sexp is broken.
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Goober5000 (administrator)

In order to scan something you need to deselect the "cargo known" flag.

Assuming you did this, the latest trunk build works for me.


Tolwyn (reporter)

cargo known is not selected. Otherwise the mission would not have worked previously.


Tolwyn (reporter)

Something is different in how EXE handles subsystems now. Previously I did not have to select a subsystem to scan a ship, now I have.

One subsystem has no "cargo: XXX" tab. In case of the light cruiser it is "navigations". (Maybe it's always been like that, I do not know.)


Goober5000 (administrator)

What exactly are you trying to do? Scan a larger ship with a single scan, or scan a subsystem on a smaller ship?


Tolwyn (reporter)

well, as you perfectly know, it is not possible to scan a large capital ship unless "toggle subsystem scanning" is turned on.

For the time being I created a duplicate entry and labeled the ship as freighter instead of cruiser.


Goober5000 (administrator)

Don't do that, it's a recipe for disaster.

Tell me what mission is going wrong and I'll take a look.


Tolwyn (reporter)

it's m20... and it worked before.

Actually you could just place a cap ship in FRED, mark necessary flags and try to scan it...

The problematic part is, that previously I did not have to select a subsystem to scan a warship - all I had to do was to point the reticle to a certain point in the center of the hull.


Wanderer (developer)

Subsystem scanning is tad odd anyway... For example scanning rakshasa's front beam turret. I need to be within the 'scanning distance' of the targeted subsystem while i must point ships nose at the ships center point regardless of the subsystems position. So for example in the case example above if i am between the from beam position and the ships center point i need to point the ships nose to opposite direction from the subsystem that is being scanned.


Goober5000 (administrator)

"Actually you could just place a cap ship in FRED, mark necessary flags and try to scan it..."

I already did that, and it worked perfectly. If it had revealed the cause of the bug I would not be asking you for additional information. This is the procedure I always follow when debugging problems: test the simplest possible thing that could cause the bug, and then gradually test more complicated things.

Anyway I tested m20 and the scanning worked perfectly. There was the subsystem distance problem that Wanderer mentioned, but if I did not have a subsystem targeted I could point the reticle at the center of the ship and scan just as expected.

Here is the build I used so you can compare the behavior:

By the way, in m20, there are two variables called "AutoNavTime" which may cause unrelated problems. Edit the mission using Notepad and remove one of them.


Tolwyn (reporter)

In m20 the ship is currently labeled "freighter" so scanning would work. I tested subsystem scanning with a few models in a sample mission... didn't work as expected for me.


KeldorKatarn (reporter)

Any news on this?


chief1983 (administrator)

Anyone have a retail test mission where this happens? As Goob was never able to reproduce this on his end it would probably help speed things along.


KeldorKatarn (reporter)

I just checked this.. the scanning seems to work now.. however...


seems to be broken. I cannot select any ships in that SEXP... it always shows me an empty ships list, althought there are ships with "scannable" and "toggle subsystem scanning" around which I can scan ingame..

something is wrong with that SEXP...


karajorma (administrator)

Fixed in my branch


Goober5000 (administrator)

Is it fixed in trunk too?


karajorma (administrator)

IIRC yes. I doubt I would have resolved it a month later unless I had fixed it properly.

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