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0001674FSSCPmultiplayerpublic2008-04-27 19:05
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Target VersionFixed in Version3.6.10 
Summary0001674: 3.6.10: Having mediavps enabled in multi causes some mission pack missions to be unavailable
DescriptionMore specifically, all missions from "O" and on alphabetically are missing when the mediavps are enabled, suggesting that perhaps the inclusion of the MP conversion of the main campaign in the mediavps puts the mission total past some limit to the number of missions that can be shown, above which all remaining missions are culled from the list.

The missions are missing from all the different lists available in-game, both 'All', 'Coop', 'Team' and 'Dogfight', so it is not because the list as such can't display the large number of missions. In fact, the dogfight list only mholds 3 entries with mediavps enabled as most of them start with letters late in the alphabet.

Missions that are placed in the data/missions directory do -not- seem to be affected, or possibly aren't sorted alphabetically like the rest of them are and so escape the same fate.

[Edit] It also seems to ignore -all- retail missions contained in root_fs2.vp, so load order may also be involved as both mv_core and multi-mission-pack would come before root_fs2, and mv_core beats multi-mission-pack despite being later in the alphabet due to it being selected as a mod.
Additional InformationThe precise cutoff is between MT-16.fs2 and Odd_M01.fs2 in the mission pack. The first shows up in the mission list, the latter does not.

To reproduce: Simply start a multi game as host with the 3.6.10 mediavps enabled, and compare the missions available to the list found when the mediavps are not used. It is most obvious on the dogfight list.

All this was found using taylor's 3-14 Xt build.
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FUBAR-BDHR (developer)

Try a newer build. There was a limit to the number of missions displayed which has been fixed.


Shade (developer)

Good call, looks fixed. Closing this.


Shade (developer)

Recent SVN builds fix this.

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