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0001657FSSCPgameplaypublic2008-04-30 08:37
Assigned ToBackslash 
Product Version3.6.9 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.6.10 
Summary0001657: Turrets still fire while ship is exploding
DescriptionOK, let me just explain something. Capital ships explode in two stages, right? The first stage is where they sit there with explosions erupting all over their hull. The second stage is where the hull splits and the two halves move apart, there are lots of fireworks, etc. The problem is that turrets still fire during stage 2. This looks weird after the mesh splits because they appear to be firing from nowhere (looks especially weird with beams). I really think this should be fixed. The easiest way is just to stop all of the turrets firing when stage 2 starts, the more complicated (and not necessarily better) method would be to have the turrets' firepoints follow the halves of the exploding mesh until the explosion engulfs the firepoints, at which time they would stop firing.
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  • patch file icon wip_ship_nosplit_turret.patch (829 bytes) 2008-04-28 20:01 -
    Index: ship/ship.cpp
    --- ship/ship.cpp	(revision 4609)
    +++ ship/ship.cpp	(working copy)
    @@ -7940,6 +7940,20 @@
     		if ( timestamp_elapsed(shipp->really_final_death_time))	{
    +			// Copied from lock all turrets sexp
    +			// Locks all turrets on ship that is about to split.
    +			ship_subsys *subsys;
    +			subsys = GET_FIRST(&shipp->subsys_list);
    +			while ( subsys != END_OF_LIST(&shipp->subsys_list) ) 
    +			{
    +			// just mark all turrets as locked
    +				if (subsys->system_info->type == SUBSYSTEM_TURRET) 
    +				{
    +					subsys->weapons.flags |= SW_FLAG_TURRET_LOCK;
    +                }
    +				subsys = GET_NEXT(subsys);
    +			}
     			//mprintf(( "Ship really dying!!\n" ));
     			// do large_ship_split and explosion
     			if ( shipp->large_ship_blowup_index >= 0 )	{
    patch file icon wip_ship_nosplit_turret.patch (829 bytes) 2008-04-28 20:01 +




Wanderer (developer)

On SP side you could probably just trigger same effect as 'lock all turrets' sexp does - patch included - which seems to do the trick in most cases.. As for MP.. dunno.. And also it does have a slight chance of altering existing game balance.


blowfish (reporter)

True, but it looks really weird.


Backslash (developer)

Committed :-)

This is a great idea and patch, you two. A long time ago, _argv[-1] suggested we stop the turrets at stage 1, while the ship goes through the death roll/eruption. While that looked 'better', it affected balance with particularly big ships like the Colossus. This way, it doesn't affect balance by more than a fraction of a second (and really, who would design their mission around such?!), and it gets rid of the silly beam firing out of nowhere effect.

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