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0001626FSSCPFS2NetDpublic2008-10-04 21:18
Assigned Totaylor 
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Target VersionFixed in Version3.6.10 
Summary0001626: 3.6.10 Trying to connect to PXO with 2 instances of FS2, error msg claims TCP not installed
DescriptionProbably not one you'd encounter unless you're being stupid on purpose, so not that important, but anyway:

If you run two instances of FS2 on the same computer, and try to connect both of them to PXO, the error message that pops up when trying to make the second connection claims that the TCP protocol is not detected on the computer.

It doesn't matter whether the second login is attempted using the same or a different FS2Net account as the first.
Additional InformationFound using the 03/06 Xt build. Multi.log of the incident attached.
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taylor (administrator)

Is the second instance using a different port than the default (with the -port cmdline option)?

If it's using the same port the game probably just sees it as in-use, but doesn't handle the error except in a generic way.


Shade (developer)

No -port command line was used. I'll try it and see what happens.


Shade (developer)

Last edited: 2008-03-07 20:56

Ok, forcing a different port lets you log on with both instances. In fact, it lets you log on using the same account and join the same game twice. My test account is now hosting my test account in a game.

However, you're not allowed two connections from the same IP chat lobby, regardless of account. Trying that will kick the latecomer back to the main hall.


taylor (administrator)

Ah, forgot about how the lobby might handle multiple connections. It does point out another bug though: unsuccessful connection to the chat server should just bump you right over to the game screen rather than out to the mainhall. I'll get that fixed for the next build.

Regarding just this bug though, I should be able to fix it to give a better error description so that we would know for sure that it was in-use. I thought about just bumping the port number in the in-use case and continuing to try and connect with other ports until something was successful, but I would rather not do that without a consensus that it is actually a good idea. We can talk about that in the forums and then go from there. Both of those options are equally possible though and neither would be difficult to code in.


taylor (administrator)

Fixed locally and I'll commit at some point this weekend. I just went with the warning option, telling the user to try the -port cmdline option.


taylor (administrator)


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