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0000156FSSCPgraphicspublic2005-03-23 05:50
Assigned Totaylor 
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Summary0000156: Animated Laser bitmaps (once again)
DescriptionWell, it doesn't crash anymore (see previous bug report) but it still doesn't work properly.

1) The shot will NOT be animated (it uses the first image of the ANI during the whole 'lifetime')

2) It seems to be unaffected by "laser head radius" and "laser tail radius" and "laser length"
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Bobboau (developer)

put this into a mod pack, and post it here


Lightspeed (reporter)

just put any FS2 ANI name (for example "shieldhit01a") in the @Laser Bitmap: field of your weapons table.


Lightspeed (reporter)

*bumps* someone gonna fix this along with the animated beam texture bug?

They might be related.


taylor (administrator)

The frames just weren't updated in a way that allowed it to be "played" properly. There were two ways to calculate the frame in the code but the one that worked properly was commented out.

As far as the radius and length options go I didn't have a problem with them. Changing any or all of them seemed to work as expected. Does this still happen? That part may have been fixed already.


Lightspeed (reporter)

I shall test with a new build :-)


taylor (administrator)


Is this fixed Lightspeed? I haven't been able to replicate it but I need you to say yes or no before I can be a happy man. :)


taylor (administrator)

I've found no situation where this is still a problem so I'll need something to test with. Art and tbl entries or just the tbl entries that are know to cause the problem.


kasperl (developer)

Reminder sent to Lightspeed

Can you take a look at this bug? Perhaps you can send Taylor the art.


taylor (administrator)

I'm just going to resolve this since at least half of the reported problem is fixed. I can't recreate the radius/length problem anymore so if it is still an issue when you get a chance to test Lightspeed then please reopen this.


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