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0001473FSSCPgameplaypublic2007-10-28 17:11
Assigned Totaylor 
Product Version3.6.9 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.6.10 
Summary0001473: ship-subsys-guardian-threshold crashes the game
Descriptionwhenever ship-subsys-guardian-threshold is used, the mission crashes the game upon mission load.
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has duplicate 0001561resolvedkarajorma ship-subsys-guardian-threshold crashes the game 



phreak (developer)

Are you sure? It's working fine here. How recent is your build? Are there any other new SEXPs in that mission that may be causing this issue?


KeldorKatarn (reporter)

I doesn't seem to crash a totally new mission, but I added a mission file to this issue. If I add the SEXP as an additional operator to the Init Mission event it will crash the otherwise perfectly working mission..


Tolwyn (reporter)

try one of taylor's new build, it might or might not have been fixed.

I remember having this problem with the Xt615 build (retail only, worked fine in debug)


KeldorKatarn (reporter)

I am usig Taylor's most recent build.. same problem.


taylor (administrator)

There were quite a few NULL ptr issues with both this sexp and ship-guardian-threshold as well. Of the two sexps, ship-subsys-guardian-threshold was seriously fubar. If the subsystem wasn't found for some reason it it would have no option but to crash.

That should all be fix in my local tree, so give my next build a try (tomorrow) and see if it is indeed fixed now or not.

(The mail for reminders isn't working ATM, so I'm going to PM KeldorKatarn about this, in case he doesn't check here between now and when the build is posted)


taylor (administrator)

Haven't heard anything to the contrary, so I'll assume that this is fixed now.


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