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0001378FSSCPDirectXpublic2007-10-29 15:56
Assigned Totaylor 
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Target VersionFixed in Version3.6.10 
Summary0001378: DirectSoundCapture
DescriptionWhen i am trying to set up microphone (mic test) some text: DirectSoundCapture could not be initialized.... I have latest DirectX version (9.0c) and latest sound card drivers for my card (Realtek AC97) so where is problem ?
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phreak (developer)

are you able to record sounds outside of FS2? The best way to try is to go to "Start->Programs->Accessories->Sound Recorder" and see if you can record from there.


RiSiNg (reporter)

Yes, my microphone works fully with Windows Sound Recorder, communication software, and all games.


phreak (developer)

Now that I think about it (and look at the code), we got rid of DirectSound in favor of OpenAL (since it can be run on Mac/Linux). Nobody has written anything to capture the sound using OpenAL (although it should be possible)


RiSiNg (reporter)

I think that this game would be better and more interesting with ability of voice communication between players, but still it would be only one more drip in sea of so GREAT game.


taylor (administrator)

Technically DirectSound and DirectSoundCapture are separate, so there is really no reason that we can't still use DirectSoundCapture while replacing DirectSound with OpenAL. Currently that isn't possible, but the changes are minor and I'll start working on the code to get this issue resolved.


taylor (administrator)

I haven't actually tested it yet, but see if it's working again in this build:


taylor (administrator)

Should be fixed. Reopen this bug if for some reason it's not working.


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