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0001278FSSCPmultiplayerpublic2009-01-12 03:14
Assigned Tophreak 
Product Version3.6.9 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0001278: Cannot start TvT mission without secondaries on all ships - even those with no secondary slots
DescriptionIn testing a TvT mission for the Star Wars conversion, I attempted to run a TvT multiplayer mission involving TIE fighters and interceptors. These have no secondary slots defined in the POF file, or any secondaries allowed in the ships.tbl. However, both FS2_Open and FRED2_Open seem to think that all ships must have secondaries in a TvT mission. I would like this requirement to be eliminated, as I feel it reduces the flexibility of the game. The requirement does not exist in singleplayer either, as I was able to play a mission just fine with a TIE fighter. So I can only guess it should have been changed already, and has just not been noticed yet in multiplayer, since that code hasn't had as much work, from what I've heard.
Additional InformationAdditionally, the TF and TI both show a secondary box in the ship loadout screen, even though there should not be one. I will be trying to allow them to carry some secondaries in the ships.tbl, without editing their POF, and seeing if I can equip them or not. If so, it will be interesting to see what happens in game if it lets me load. I can't test this at the moment because I'm away from my computer. I'll update this later with any new results. For now, the only temporary fix I could do is add a secondary firepoint to the fighters that dont' have one, and only allow them the use of some sort of dummy missile. This is a bit sloppy though, and I would love for it to not be necessary.
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chief1983 (administrator)

Just tested something new. I allowed the TIEs to carry a certain secondary weapon available to the team in the TvT mission, and even though there's no secondary slots in the POF file, the game still let me equip them. As soon as the mission tried to launch, the game froze and then crashed to desktop. The host was fine, so I think the crash would only happen to a player trying to do this to his own ship, if done to an AI, I think it would play, but I'm not sure of the result it would have.


chief1983 (administrator)

*bump* anyone going to take a stab at this one?


karajorma (administrator)

This one concerns me. I might want to make missions for BtRL with no missiles in them on day.

I'll take a look soon after the demo is out.


chief1983 (administrator)

I'm gonna try to take a look at this bug myself, now that I've got this thing compiling on my own box (finally). Any idea where to look for this requirement being forced? Hopefully it's just a check I can disable.


karajorma (administrator)

Any luck with it yet?


chief1983 (administrator)

Nope, I haven't had any luck figuring out where this is in the code. I was hoping someone else would take care of it. It has farther reaching effects than I first thought though. In Debug modes, FRED and FSO will complain if there are no secondaries defined for a ship during table parsing.


phreak (developer)

Fixed in the next build. The popup is now a 2-way choice, which will confirm the warning if you select "OK" and go back to the loadout screen if you select "Cancel". There is also a new error that will display if any ship has neither primary or secondary weapons. You will need to go back to the loadout screen if this new case occurs.


FUBAR-BDHR (developer)

What happens if there are no primary or secondary weapons to put on a ship? Not something that should happen during normal play but just had something close happen with a bad .fc2 file. Ships were supposed to have secondaries but didn't due to them not being allowed in the fc2 file. Is there any way to abort and go back to the mission select screen? Currently you have to esc out and dump everyone back to the lobby.


phreak (developer)

There is no way to go back to mission select from the briefing stage. Is this fine otherwise?


chief1983 (administrator)

I'd like it to work a bit differently to be honest. I still haven't tested to see whether this actually fixes the problem though, or if it's deeper than just it bitching at you for not having them.


chief1983 (administrator)

As far as I can tell, getting past that window seemed to be smooth sailing, but I haven't actually done a multiplayer test to verify that, I just created a coop mission and played it solo.


chief1983 (administrator)

Last edited: 2008-12-02 14:05

I found my patch. I think it would be better off as an AI profile flag, something like this:


Sound good?


chief1983 (administrator)

Fix needs to be tested by myself, just a reminder that it's already been addressed.


phreak (developer)

It probably would be better with a mission flag, since it really isn't an AI thing


chief1983 (administrator)

Half of the stuff in ai_profiles aren't ai. But it's something that's more going to be tied to a mod's setup than to a specific mission. Either fighters will have secondary hardpoints or they won't, same for primaries. So let a flag be set once in a mod so they're never checked.


FUBAR-BDHR (developer)

You are forgetting about a mission with no secondaries available for ships that need secondaries. A good example wold be Primary Mayhem TvT. It was supposed to be primaries only but Tempests had to be available in the loadout. Several other missions in the PXO days included Tempests only for that reason.


chief1983 (administrator)

Who is forgetting it? This does not break any existing material, it's a new flag that's never been used. Are you saying there should be a fix for this bug as it's been seen in existing material? I was only aware this bug affected Fate of the Galaxy so far.


FUBAR-BDHR (developer)

No this affected even retail FS2. You can't do a team loadout and have no secondaries available. Doesn't matter if the ship can carry them or not. Affected TBP as well but a nothing weapon was created to get around it.


chief1983 (administrator)

Right, I knew TCs might need it, now they just need to add the flag to their ai_profile. But as for specific missions, I didn't know anyone ever cared whether regular FS could do it or not. Now you could create a separate ai_profile modular table to be used with these options in it though, since you can select a profile on a per mission basis. So, since these missions would have to be modified to have the tempests removed no matter what fix happens, they could use this fix right?


FUBAR-BDHR (developer)

Wouldn't being required to have a .tbm break multiplayer validation?


chief1983 (administrator)

Not if that were added to the allowed tables. But I see your point. It may be doable as a mission flag as well, but that's beyond me at this point. It would need to be added to the FRED dialog somewhere.


chief1983 (administrator)

This fix seems to work as intended, as an ai_profiles flag. Ship cannot have any secondary slots defined, as there is another place in the code that complains when slots defined does not equal the slots on the model. But the block for a matching ship being allowed in multiplayer can now be bypassed.

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