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0001257FSSCPgraphicspublic2008-03-29 20:06
Assigned Totaylor 
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Target VersionFixed in Version3.6.10 
Summary0001257: Post-369: Thrustglow rendering is distance related
DescriptionThis issue appears only in post-369 builds, namely in 20070129 build as well as in earlier WMC's scripting builds.

Thrustglow does not appear to be rendered unless the viewpoint is close enough to the ship in question. In test mission thrustglows appeared on different ship classes at different distances at which distance all the thrustglows on that particular ship flashed on simultaneously. These are approximate distances for some of the ships: Amazon Adv 0000048:0001200, Faustus 0000269:0002900, Triton 0000308:0002100.
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Wanderer (developer)

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EDIT.. 'note 1200' was supposed to read 'apx. 1200'

EDIT2: moved content of this note to another issue, 0001260


Wanderer (developer)

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EDIT: moved to 0001260


phreak (developer)

can you post the thruster bank errors as a new bug?


Wanderer (developer)



taylor (administrator)

* BUMP *

Is this still a problem? I can't seem to replicate it, so I wasn't sure. I have only checked builds from the stable branch though.


Wanderer (developer)

Sorry that i haven't responded but i didn't notice it as i didn't get notification e-mail. I can't replicate it either so it appears to have been fixed (tested with fs2_open_r_c11232007.exe build).


taylor (administrator)

I can't find any commits about thruster related fixes by anyone by me for the past year, so I'm assuming that this was fixed by one of my commits a while back.


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