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0001202FSSCPtablespublic2008-03-23 06:48
Assigned ToWMCoolmon 
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Target VersionFixed in Version3.6.10 
Summary0001202: $Detonation Range field does not work for bombs
DescriptionI tried making a bomb that would detonate at 300m from its launch point (to launch its spawns a good deal away from the target) with a lifetime of 30 as well as having homing properties. However, it detonates 30 seconds after launch, not 300m away. I realise the flag was originally meant for flak screens but should it not also work for bombs (and, probably, all secondaries)?

Using build fs2_open_r-Inf20061130.exe
Additional Informationweapons.tbl excerpt:

$Name: Tester
$Model File: eabombb.pof
$Mass: 35.0
$Velocity: 55.0
$Fire Wait: 25.0
$Damage: 0
$Damage Type: Mega Yield
$Detonation Range: 300
$Blast Force: 0.0
$Inner Radius: 7.0
$Outer Radius: 47.0
$Shockwave Speed: 0
$Armor Factor: 1.0
$Shield Factor: 0.02
$Subsystem Factor: 0.75
$Lifetime: 30.0
$Energy Consumed: 0.0
$Cargo Size: 15.0
$Homing: YES
 +Type: ASPECT
 +Turn Time: 1.5
 +Min Lock Time: 7.0
 +Lock Pixels/Sec: 25
 +Catch-up Pixels/Sec: 0
 +Catch-up Penalty: 15
$LaunchSnd: 97
$ImpactSnd: 101
$FlyBySnd: -1
$Rearm Rate: 0.02
$Flags: ( "in tech database" "Bomb" "Huge" "player allowed" "Spawn Hellfire,1" )
 +Start Width: 0.5
 +End Width: 2.0
 +Start Alpha: 1.0
 +End Alpha: 0.0
 +Max Life: 4.0
 +Bitmap: MissileTrail01
$Icon: iconshocker
$Anim: mdefaultea
$Impact Explosion: ExpMissileHit1
$Impact Explosion Radius: 5.0
$Spawn Angle: 12
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taylor (administrator)

Assigning to WMC since he seems to have fixed this already (it was part of the new scripting code patch that he sent me). Just a reminder so we'll know that it is fixed and can be marked as resolved once the change hits SVN.


WMCoolmon (developer)

This should be fixed as of my initial commit of scripting to the stable branch, as taylor suggested.

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