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0001141FSSCPgameplaypublic2006-11-05 19:48
ReporterDarth DySkO 
Assigned Totaylor 
Product Version3.6.9 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0001141: Fighters stay still when exiting from fighterbays
DescriptionIn the first mission ("Surrender, Belisarius!"), when the Psamtik arrives, it launches some fighters. Those fighters stay still in front of the fighterbays, thus preventing the Psamtik from departing (this is not such a critical problem, since the mission is already finished at this point). I tried to reproduce this situation with FRED, launching some fighters from an Orion. The fighters stay still in front of the fighterbay.
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duplicate of 0001133resolvedtaylor Epsilon and Delta wings stay still (CH2-13.fs2 from ItDoH2) 



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This is a duplicate of 0001133

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