Open source remastering of the Freespace 2 engine
wing.cpp File Reference
#include "stdafx.h"
#include "FRED.h"
#include "FREDDoc.h"
#include "FREDView.h"
#include "render/3d.h"
#include "physics/physics.h"
#include "object/object.h"
#include "editor.h"
#include "ship/ship.h"
#include "math/vecmat.h"
#include "Management.h"
#include "globalincs/linklist.h"
#include "MainFrm.h"
#include "wing.h"
#include "CreateWingDlg.h"

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struct  formation


#define MULTI_WING   999999
#define MAX_WING_VECTORS   8


typedef struct formation formation


void remove_player_from_wing (int player, int min=1)
int find_free_wing ()
int check_wing_dependencies (int wing_num)
void mark_wing (int wing)
int delete_wing (int wing_num, int bypass)
void remove_wing (int wing_num)
void remove_ship_from_wing (int ship, int min)
int create_wing ()
void initialize_wings (void)
void create_wings_from_objects (void)
int get_free_objnum (void)


int already_deleting_wing = 0
formation Wing_formations [MAX_WING_FORMATIONS]
int Wings_initialized = 0

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Definition at line 454 of file wing.cpp.

#define MAX_WING_VECTORS   8

Definition at line 449 of file wing.cpp.

#define MULTI_WING   999999

Definition at line 29 of file wing.cpp.

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct formation formation

Function Documentation

int check_wing_dependencies ( int  wing_num)

Definition at line 52 of file wing.cpp.

int create_wing ( )

Definition at line 217 of file wing.cpp.

void create_wings_from_objects ( void  )

Definition at line 485 of file wing.cpp.

int delete_wing ( int  wing_num,
int  bypass 

Definition at line 72 of file wing.cpp.

int find_free_wing ( )

Definition at line 41 of file wing.cpp.

int get_free_objnum ( void  )

Definition at line 504 of file wing.cpp.

void initialize_wings ( void  )

Definition at line 467 of file wing.cpp.

void mark_wing ( int  wing)

Definition at line 60 of file wing.cpp.

void remove_player_from_wing ( int  player,
int  min = 1 

Definition at line 211 of file wing.cpp.

void remove_ship_from_wing ( int  ship,
int  min 

Definition at line 160 of file wing.cpp.

void remove_wing ( int  wing_num)

Definition at line 117 of file wing.cpp.

Variable Documentation

int already_deleting_wing = 0

Definition at line 36 of file wing.cpp.

formation Wing_formations[MAX_WING_FORMATIONS]

Definition at line 461 of file wing.cpp.

int Wings_initialized = 0

Definition at line 465 of file wing.cpp.