Open source remastering of the Freespace 2 engine
particle_effect Struct Reference

#include <ship.h>

Public Attributes

int n_low
int n_high
float min_rad
float max_rad
float min_life
float max_life
float min_vel
float max_vel
float variance

Detailed Description

Definition at line 976 of file ship.h.

Member Data Documentation

float particle_effect::max_life

Definition at line 982 of file ship.h.

float particle_effect::max_rad

Definition at line 980 of file ship.h.

float particle_effect::max_vel

Definition at line 984 of file ship.h.

float particle_effect::min_life

Definition at line 981 of file ship.h.

float particle_effect::min_rad

Definition at line 979 of file ship.h.

float particle_effect::min_vel

Definition at line 983 of file ship.h.

int particle_effect::n_high

Definition at line 978 of file ship.h.

int particle_effect::n_low

Definition at line 977 of file ship.h.

float particle_effect::variance

Definition at line 985 of file ship.h.

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