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mpeg1waveformat_tag Struct Reference

#include <mmreg.h>

Public Attributes

WORD fwHeadLayer
DWORD dwHeadBitrate
WORD fwHeadMode
WORD fwHeadModeExt
WORD wHeadEmphasis
WORD fwHeadFlags

Detailed Description

Definition at line 1805 of file mmreg.h.

Member Data Documentation

DWORD mpeg1waveformat_tag::dwHeadBitrate

Definition at line 1808 of file mmreg.h.

DWORD mpeg1waveformat_tag::dwPTSHigh

Definition at line 1814 of file mmreg.h.

DWORD mpeg1waveformat_tag::dwPTSLow

Definition at line 1813 of file mmreg.h.

WORD mpeg1waveformat_tag::fwHeadFlags

Definition at line 1812 of file mmreg.h.

WORD mpeg1waveformat_tag::fwHeadLayer

Definition at line 1807 of file mmreg.h.

WORD mpeg1waveformat_tag::fwHeadMode

Definition at line 1809 of file mmreg.h.

WORD mpeg1waveformat_tag::fwHeadModeExt

Definition at line 1810 of file mmreg.h.

WAVEFORMATEX mpeg1waveformat_tag::wfx

Definition at line 1806 of file mmreg.h.

WORD mpeg1waveformat_tag::wHeadEmphasis

Definition at line 1811 of file mmreg.h.

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