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glow_point_bank_override Struct Reference

#include <model.h>

Public Attributes

char name [33]
int type
int on_time
int off_time
int disp_time
int glow_bitmap
int glow_neb_bitmap
bool is_on
bool type_override
bool on_time_override
bool off_time_override
bool disp_time_override
bool glow_bitmap_override
ubyte pulse_type
int pulse_period
float pulse_amplitude
float pulse_bias
float pulse_exponent
bool is_lightsource
float radius_multi
vec3d light_color
vec3d light_mix_color
bool lightcone
float cone_angle
float cone_inner_angle
vec3d cone_direction
bool dualcone
bool rotating
vec3d rotation_axis
float rotation_speed
bool pulse_period_override

Detailed Description

Definition at line 475 of file model.h.

Member Data Documentation

float glow_point_bank_override::cone_angle

Definition at line 501 of file model.h.

vec3d glow_point_bank_override::cone_direction

Definition at line 503 of file model.h.

float glow_point_bank_override::cone_inner_angle

Definition at line 502 of file model.h.

int glow_point_bank_override::disp_time

Definition at line 480 of file model.h.

bool glow_point_bank_override::disp_time_override

Definition at line 488 of file model.h.

bool glow_point_bank_override::dualcone

Definition at line 504 of file model.h.

int glow_point_bank_override::glow_bitmap

Definition at line 481 of file model.h.

bool glow_point_bank_override::glow_bitmap_override

Definition at line 489 of file model.h.

int glow_point_bank_override::glow_neb_bitmap

Definition at line 482 of file model.h.

bool glow_point_bank_override::is_lightsource

Definition at line 496 of file model.h.

bool glow_point_bank_override::is_on

Definition at line 483 of file model.h.

vec3d glow_point_bank_override::light_color

Definition at line 498 of file model.h.

vec3d glow_point_bank_override::light_mix_color

Definition at line 499 of file model.h.

bool glow_point_bank_override::lightcone

Definition at line 500 of file model.h.

char glow_point_bank_override::name[33]

Definition at line 476 of file model.h.

int glow_point_bank_override::off_time

Definition at line 479 of file model.h.

bool glow_point_bank_override::off_time_override

Definition at line 487 of file model.h.

int glow_point_bank_override::on_time

Definition at line 478 of file model.h.

bool glow_point_bank_override::on_time_override

Definition at line 486 of file model.h.

float glow_point_bank_override::pulse_amplitude

Definition at line 493 of file model.h.

float glow_point_bank_override::pulse_bias

Definition at line 494 of file model.h.

float glow_point_bank_override::pulse_exponent

Definition at line 495 of file model.h.

int glow_point_bank_override::pulse_period

Definition at line 492 of file model.h.

bool glow_point_bank_override::pulse_period_override

Definition at line 509 of file model.h.

ubyte glow_point_bank_override::pulse_type

Definition at line 491 of file model.h.

float glow_point_bank_override::radius_multi

Definition at line 497 of file model.h.

bool glow_point_bank_override::rotating

Definition at line 505 of file model.h.

vec3d glow_point_bank_override::rotation_axis

Definition at line 506 of file model.h.

float glow_point_bank_override::rotation_speed

Definition at line 507 of file model.h.

int glow_point_bank_override::type

Definition at line 477 of file model.h.

bool glow_point_bank_override::type_override

Definition at line 485 of file model.h.

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