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snazzyui.h File Reference

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struct  menu_region


#define MAX_CHAR   150
#define ESC_PRESSED   -2
#define SNAZZY_OVER   1
#define SNAZZY_CLICKED   2


typedef struct menu_region MENU_REGION


int snazzy_menu_do (ubyte *data, int mask_w, int mask_h, int num_regions, MENU_REGION *regions, int *action, int poll_key=1, int *key=NULL)
void read_menu_tbl (char *menu_name, char *bkg_filename, char *mask_filename, MENU_REGION *regions, int *num_regions, int play_sound=1)
void snazzy_menu_add_region (MENU_REGION *region, const char *text, int mask, int key, int click_sound=-1)
void snazzy_menu_init ()
void snazzy_menu_close ()
void snazzy_flush ()

Macro Definition Documentation

#define ESC_PRESSED   -2

Definition at line 16 of file snazzyui.h.

#define MAX_CHAR   150

Definition at line 15 of file snazzyui.h.

#define SNAZZY_CLICKED   2

Definition at line 29 of file snazzyui.h.

#define SNAZZY_OVER   1

Definition at line 28 of file snazzyui.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct menu_region MENU_REGION

Function Documentation

void read_menu_tbl ( char *  menu_name,
char *  bkg_filename,
char *  mask_filename,
MENU_REGION regions,
int num_regions,
int  play_sound = 1 

Definition at line 178 of file snazzyui.cpp.

void snazzy_flush ( )

Definition at line 29 of file snazzyui.cpp.

void snazzy_menu_add_region ( MENU_REGION region,
const char *  text,
int  mask,
int  key,
int  click_sound = -1 

Definition at line 163 of file snazzyui.cpp.

void snazzy_menu_close ( )

Definition at line 276 of file snazzyui.cpp.

int snazzy_menu_do ( ubyte data,
int  mask_w,
int  mask_h,
int  num_regions,
MENU_REGION regions,
int action,
int  poll_key = 1,
int key = NULL 

Definition at line 59 of file snazzyui.cpp.

void snazzy_menu_init ( )

Definition at line 34 of file snazzyui.cpp.