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multi_pxo.h File Reference

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#define MULTI_PXO_RANKINGS_URL   "http://www.pxo.net/rankings/fs2full.cfm"
#define MULTI_PXO_CREATE_URL   "http://www.pxo.net/newaccount.cfm"
#define MULTI_PXO_VERIFY_URL   "http://www.pxo.net/verify.cfm"
#define MULTI_PXO_BANNER_URL   "http://www.pxo.net/files/banners"
#define MULTI_PXO_USER_TRACKER_IP   "ut.pxo.net"
#define MULTI_PXO_GAME_TRACKER_IP   "gt.pxo.com"
#define MULTI_PXO_CHAT_IP   "chat.pxo.net"


void multi_pxo_init (int use_last_channel)
void multi_pxo_do ()
void multi_pxo_close ()
void multi_pxo_help_init ()
void multi_pxo_help_do ()
void multi_pxo_help_close ()
void multi_pxo_url (char *url)
void multi_pxo_channel_count_update (char *name, int count)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define MULTI_PXO_BANNER_URL   "http://www.pxo.net/files/banners"

Definition at line 33 of file multi_pxo.h.

#define MULTI_PXO_CHAT_IP   "chat.pxo.net"

Definition at line 38 of file multi_pxo.h.

#define MULTI_PXO_CREATE_URL   "http://www.pxo.net/newaccount.cfm"

Definition at line 26 of file multi_pxo.h.

#define MULTI_PXO_GAME_TRACKER_IP   "gt.pxo.com"

Definition at line 37 of file multi_pxo.h.

#define MULTI_PXO_RANKINGS_URL   "http://www.pxo.net/rankings/fs2full.cfm"

Definition at line 21 of file multi_pxo.h.

#define MULTI_PXO_USER_TRACKER_IP   "ut.pxo.net"

Definition at line 36 of file multi_pxo.h.

#define MULTI_PXO_VERIFY_URL   "http://www.pxo.net/verify.cfm"

Definition at line 30 of file multi_pxo.h.

Function Documentation

void multi_pxo_channel_count_update ( char *  name,
int  count 

Called from the game tracker API - server count update for a channel

Definition at line 2170 of file multi_pxo.cpp.

void multi_pxo_close ( )

Definition at line 1325 of file multi_pxo.cpp.

void multi_pxo_do ( )

Definition at line 1242 of file multi_pxo.cpp.

void multi_pxo_help_close ( )

Close the pxo screen

Definition at line 4893 of file multi_pxo.cpp.

void multi_pxo_help_do ( )

Do frame for PXO help

Definition at line 4851 of file multi_pxo.cpp.

void multi_pxo_help_init ( )

Initialize the PXO help screen

Definition at line 4807 of file multi_pxo.cpp.

void multi_pxo_init ( int  use_last_channel)

Definition at line 1083 of file multi_pxo.cpp.

void multi_pxo_url ( char *  url)

Definition at line 1562 of file multi_pxo.cpp.