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joy.h File Reference

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struct  Joy_info


#define JOY_NUM_BUTTONS   32
#define JOY_NUM_HAT_POS   4
#define JOY_NUM_AXES   6
#define JOY_AXIS_UNDEFINED   -10000


typedef struct Joy_info Joy_info


int joy_init ()
void joy_flush ()
int joy_get_pos (int *x, int *y, int *z, int *r)
int joy_down_count (int btn, int reset_count=1)
int joy_down (int btn)
int joy_up_count (int btn)
float joy_down_time (int btn)
void joy_get_cal_vals (int *axis_min, int *axis_center, int *axis_max)
void joy_set_cal_vals (int *axis_min, int *axis_center, int *axis_max)
void joy_set_ul ()
void joy_set_lr ()
void joy_set_cen ()
void joy_cheap_cal ()
int joystick_read_raw_axis (int num_axes, int *axis)
void joy_get_delta (int *dx, int *dy)
int joy_get_scaled_reading (int raw, int axn)
int joy_get_unscaled_reading (int raw, int axn)
void joy_close ()


int Joy_sensitivity
int Dead_zone_size

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#define JOY_AXIS_UNDEFINED   -10000

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Definition at line 23 of file joy.h.

#define JOY_NUM_AXES   6

Definition at line 18 of file joy.h.

#define JOY_NUM_BUTTONS   32

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#define JOY_NUM_HAT_POS   4

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Typedef Documentation

typedef struct Joy_info Joy_info

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void joy_cheap_cal ( )
void joy_close ( )

Definition at line 53 of file joy-unix.cpp.

int joy_down ( int  btn)

Definition at line 93 of file joy-unix.cpp.

int joy_down_count ( int  btn,
int  reset_count = 1 

Definition at line 105 of file joy-unix.cpp.

float joy_down_time ( int  btn)

Definition at line 120 of file joy-unix.cpp.

void joy_flush ( )

Definition at line 152 of file joy-unix.cpp.

void joy_get_cal_vals ( int axis_min,
int axis_center,
int axis_max 
void joy_get_delta ( int dx,
int dy 
int joy_get_pos ( int x,
int y,
int z,
int r 

Definition at line 267 of file joy-unix.cpp.

int joy_get_scaled_reading ( int  raw,
int  axn 

Definition at line 204 of file joy-unix.cpp.

int joy_get_unscaled_reading ( int  raw,
int  axn 

Definition at line 171 of file joy-unix.cpp.

int joy_init ( )

Definition at line 466 of file joy-unix.cpp.

void joy_set_cal_vals ( int axis_min,
int axis_center,
int axis_max 
void joy_set_cen ( )

Definition at line 544 of file joy-unix.cpp.

void joy_set_lr ( )
void joy_set_ul ( )
int joy_up_count ( int  btn)
int joystick_read_raw_axis ( int  num_axes,
int axis 

Definition at line 549 of file joy-unix.cpp.

Variable Documentation

int Dead_zone_size

Definition at line 27 of file joy-unix.cpp.

int Joy_sensitivity

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