Open source remastering of the Freespace 2 engine
hudets.h File Reference
#include "hud/hud.h"

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class  HudGaugeEts
class  HudGaugeEtsWeapons
class  HudGaugeEtsShields
class  HudGaugeEtsEngines
class  HudGaugeEtsRetail


#define ENERGY_DIVERT_DELTA   0.2f
#define NUM_ENERGY_LEVELS   13
#define ZERO_INDEX   0
#define ONE_THIRD_INDEX   4
#define ONE_HALF_INDEX   6
#define ALL_INDEX   12
#define HAS_ENGINES   (1<<0)
#define HAS_SHIELDS   (1<<1)
#define HAS_WEAPONS   (1<<2)
#define ETS_RECHARGE_RATE   4.0f




void update_ets (object *obj, float fl_frametime)
void ets_init_ship (object *obj)
void ai_manage_ets (object *obj)
void increase_recharge_rate (object *obj, SYSTEM_TYPE enum_value)
void decrease_recharge_rate (object *obj, SYSTEM_TYPE enum_value)
void set_default_recharge_rates (object *obj)
void transfer_energy_to_shields (object *obj)
void transfer_energy_to_weapons (object *obj)
float ets_get_max_speed (object *objp, float engine_energy)
void sanity_check_ets_inputs (int(&ets_indexes)[num_retail_ets_gauges])
bool validate_ship_ets_indxes (const int &ship_idx, int(&ets_indexes)[num_retail_ets_gauges])
void zero_one_ets (int *reduce, int *add1, int *add2)


const int num_retail_ets_gauges = 3
float Energy_levels []
int Weapon_energy_cheat

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#define ALL_INDEX   12

Definition at line 32 of file hudets.h.

#define ENERGY_DIVERT_DELTA   0.2f

Definition at line 19 of file hudets.h.

#define ETS_RECHARGE_RATE   4.0f

Definition at line 38 of file hudets.h.

#define HAS_ENGINES   (1<<0)

Definition at line 34 of file hudets.h.

#define HAS_SHIELDS   (1<<1)

Definition at line 35 of file hudets.h.

#define HAS_WEAPONS   (1<<2)

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Definition at line 25 of file hudets.h.

#define NUM_ENERGY_LEVELS   13

Definition at line 24 of file hudets.h.

#define ONE_HALF_INDEX   6

Definition at line 31 of file hudets.h.

#define ONE_THIRD_INDEX   4

Definition at line 30 of file hudets.h.

#define ZERO_INDEX   0

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void ai_manage_ets ( object obj)

Definition at line 200 of file hudets.cpp.

void decrease_recharge_rate ( object obj,
SYSTEM_TYPE  enum_value 

Definition at line 473 of file hudets.cpp.

float ets_get_max_speed ( object objp,
float  engine_energy 

Definition at line 147 of file hudets.cpp.

void ets_init_ship ( object obj)

Definition at line 34 of file hudets.cpp.

void increase_recharge_rate ( object obj,
SYSTEM_TYPE  enum_value 

Definition at line 349 of file hudets.cpp.

void sanity_check_ets_inputs ( int(&)  ets_indexes[num_retail_ets_gauges])

ensure input ETS indexs are valid. If not, "fix" them by moving outliers towards the middle index

Definition at line 681 of file hudets.cpp.

void set_default_recharge_rates ( object obj)

Definition at line 275 of file hudets.cpp.

void transfer_energy_to_shields ( object obj)

Definition at line 614 of file hudets.cpp.

void transfer_energy_to_weapons ( object obj)

Definition at line 632 of file hudets.cpp.

void update_ets ( object obj,
float  fl_frametime 

Definition at line 63 of file hudets.cpp.

bool validate_ship_ets_indxes ( const int ship_idx,
int(&)  ets_indexes[num_retail_ets_gauges] 

adjust input ETS indexes to handle missing systems on the target ship return true if indexes are valid to be set

Definition at line 722 of file hudets.cpp.

void zero_one_ets ( int reduce,
int add1,
int add2 

decrease one ets index to zero & adjust others up

Definition at line 651 of file hudets.cpp.

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float Energy_levels[]

Definition at line 26 of file hudets.cpp.

const int num_retail_ets_gauges = 3

Definition at line 40 of file hudets.h.

int Weapon_energy_cheat

Definition at line 27 of file hudets.cpp.