Open source remastering of the Freespace 2 engine
gropengltnl.h File Reference
#include "globalincs/pstypes.h"
#include "graphics/gropengl.h"
#include "graphics/shadows.h"
#include "model/model.h"

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void gr_opengl_start_instance_matrix (const vec3d *offset, const matrix *rotation)
void gr_opengl_start_instance_angles (const vec3d *pos, const angles *rotation)
void gr_opengl_end_instance_matrix ()
void gr_opengl_set_projection_matrix (float fov, float aspect, float z_near, float z_far)
void gr_opengl_end_projection_matrix ()
void gr_opengl_set_view_matrix (const vec3d *pos, const matrix *orient)
void gr_opengl_end_view_matrix ()
void gr_opengl_set_2d_matrix ()
void gr_opengl_end_2d_matrix ()
void gr_opengl_push_scale_matrix (const vec3d *scale_factor)
void gr_opengl_pop_scale_matrix ()
void gr_opengl_start_clip_plane ()
void gr_opengl_end_clip_plane ()
int gr_opengl_create_buffer ()
bool gr_opengl_pack_buffer (const int buffer_id, vertex_buffer *vb)
bool gr_opengl_config_buffer (const int buffer_id, vertex_buffer *vb, bool update_ibuffer_only)
void gr_opengl_destroy_buffer (int idx)
void gr_opengl_set_buffer (int idx)
void gr_opengl_render_buffer (int start, const vertex_buffer *bufferp, int texi, int flags)
void gr_opengl_render_to_env (int FACE)
void gr_opengl_update_buffer_object (int handle, uint size, void *data)
void opengl_delete_buffer_object (int handle)
void gr_opengl_update_transform_buffer (void *data, uint size)
void gr_opengl_set_transform_buffer_offset (int offset)
int gr_opengl_create_stream_buffer_object ()
void gr_opengl_render_stream_buffer (int buffer_handle, int offset, int n_verts, int flags)
void gr_opengl_set_thrust_scale (float scale=-1.0f)
void gr_opengl_set_team_color (const team_color *colors)
void opengl_tnl_init ()
void opengl_tnl_shutdown ()
void opengl_tnl_set_material (int flags, uint shader_flags, int tmap_type)
void opengl_tnl_set_material_distortion (uint flags)
void opengl_tnl_set_material_soft_particle (uint flags)


GLint GL_max_elements_vertices
GLint GL_max_elements_indices
float shadow_veryneardist
float shadow_neardist
float shadow_middist
float shadow_fardist
bool Rendering_to_shadow_map

Function Documentation

bool gr_opengl_config_buffer ( const int  buffer_id,
vertex_buffer vb,
bool  update_ibuffer_only 

Definition at line 357 of file gropengltnl.cpp.

int gr_opengl_create_buffer ( )

Definition at line 343 of file gropengltnl.cpp.

int gr_opengl_create_stream_buffer_object ( )

Definition at line 218 of file gropengltnl.cpp.

void gr_opengl_destroy_buffer ( int  idx)

Definition at line 578 of file gropengltnl.cpp.

void gr_opengl_end_2d_matrix ( )

Definition at line 1784 of file gropengltnl.cpp.

void gr_opengl_end_clip_plane ( )

Definition at line 1834 of file gropengltnl.cpp.

void gr_opengl_end_instance_matrix ( )

Definition at line 1531 of file gropengltnl.cpp.

void gr_opengl_end_projection_matrix ( )

Definition at line 1581 of file gropengltnl.cpp.

void gr_opengl_end_view_matrix ( )

Definition at line 1721 of file gropengltnl.cpp.

bool gr_opengl_pack_buffer ( const int  buffer_id,
vertex_buffer vb 

Definition at line 434 of file gropengltnl.cpp.

void gr_opengl_pop_scale_matrix ( )

Definition at line 1823 of file gropengltnl.cpp.

void gr_opengl_push_scale_matrix ( const vec3d scale_factor)

Definition at line 1810 of file gropengltnl.cpp.

void gr_opengl_render_buffer ( int  start,
const vertex_buffer bufferp,
int  texi,
int  flags 

Definition at line 1328 of file gropengltnl.cpp.

void gr_opengl_render_stream_buffer ( int  buffer_handle,
int  offset,
int  n_verts,
int  flags 

Definition at line 1358 of file gropengltnl.cpp.

void gr_opengl_render_to_env ( int  FACE)
void gr_opengl_set_2d_matrix ( )

Definition at line 1738 of file gropengltnl.cpp.

void gr_opengl_set_buffer ( int  idx)

Definition at line 552 of file gropengltnl.cpp.

void gr_opengl_set_projection_matrix ( float  fov,
float  aspect,
float  z_near,
float  z_far 

Definition at line 1545 of file gropengltnl.cpp.

void gr_opengl_set_team_color ( const team_color colors)

Definition at line 719 of file gropengltnl.cpp.

void gr_opengl_set_thrust_scale ( float  scale = -1.0f)

Definition at line 730 of file gropengltnl.cpp.

void gr_opengl_set_transform_buffer_offset ( int  offset)

Definition at line 273 of file gropengltnl.cpp.

void gr_opengl_set_view_matrix ( const vec3d pos,
const matrix orient 

Definition at line 1608 of file gropengltnl.cpp.

void gr_opengl_start_clip_plane ( )

Definition at line 1847 of file gropengltnl.cpp.

void gr_opengl_start_instance_angles ( const vec3d pos,
const angles rotation 

Definition at line 1517 of file gropengltnl.cpp.

void gr_opengl_start_instance_matrix ( const vec3d offset,
const matrix rotation 

Definition at line 1482 of file gropengltnl.cpp.

void gr_opengl_update_buffer_object ( int  handle,
uint  size,
void data 

Definition at line 186 of file gropengltnl.cpp.

void gr_opengl_update_transform_buffer ( void data,
uint  size 

Definition at line 255 of file gropengltnl.cpp.

void opengl_delete_buffer_object ( int  handle)

Definition at line 202 of file gropengltnl.cpp.

void opengl_tnl_init ( )

Definition at line 619 of file gropengltnl.cpp.

void opengl_tnl_set_material ( int  flags,
uint  shader_flags,
int  tmap_type 

Definition at line 1930 of file gropengltnl.cpp.

void opengl_tnl_set_material_distortion ( uint  flags)

Definition at line 2189 of file gropengltnl.cpp.

void opengl_tnl_set_material_soft_particle ( uint  flags)

Definition at line 2149 of file gropengltnl.cpp.

void opengl_tnl_shutdown ( )

Definition at line 694 of file gropengltnl.cpp.

Variable Documentation

GLint GL_max_elements_indices

Definition at line 75 of file gropengltnl.cpp.

GLint GL_max_elements_vertices

Definition at line 74 of file gropengltnl.cpp.

bool Rendering_to_shadow_map

Definition at line 88 of file gropengltnl.cpp.

float shadow_fardist
float shadow_middist
float shadow_neardist
float shadow_veryneardist