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ShipSpecialDamage Class Reference

#include <shipspecialdamage.h>

Inheritance diagram for ShipSpecialDamage:

Public Types


Public Member Functions

 ShipSpecialDamage (CWnd *pParent=NULL)
void update_ship (int ship)

Public Attributes

int m_shock_enabled
int m_duration_enabled
BOOL m_special_exp_enabled
int m_inner_rad
int m_outer_rad
int m_damage
int m_shock_speed
int m_duration
int m_blast
int m_ship_num

Protected Member Functions

virtual void DoDataExchange (CDataExchange *pDX)
afx_msg void OnEnableShockwave ()
afx_msg void OnEnableDeathrollTime ()
afx_msg void OnEnableSpecialExp ()
virtual BOOL OnInitDialog ()
afx_msg void DoGray ()
virtual void OnCancel ()
virtual void OnOK ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 22 of file shipspecialdamage.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

anonymous enum

Definition at line 31 of file shipspecialdamage.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ShipSpecialDamage::ShipSpecialDamage ( CWnd *  pParent = NULL)

Definition at line 29 of file shipspecialdamage.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

void ShipSpecialDamage::DoDataExchange ( CDataExchange *  pDX)

Definition at line 37 of file shipspecialdamage.cpp.

void ShipSpecialDamage::DoGray ( )

Definition at line 172 of file shipspecialdamage.cpp.

void ShipSpecialDamage::OnCancel ( )

Definition at line 185 of file shipspecialdamage.cpp.

void ShipSpecialDamage::OnEnableDeathrollTime ( )

Definition at line 80 of file shipspecialdamage.cpp.

void ShipSpecialDamage::OnEnableShockwave ( )

Definition at line 71 of file shipspecialdamage.cpp.

void ShipSpecialDamage::OnEnableSpecialExp ( )

Definition at line 93 of file shipspecialdamage.cpp.

BOOL ShipSpecialDamage::OnInitDialog ( )

Definition at line 101 of file shipspecialdamage.cpp.

void ShipSpecialDamage::OnOK ( )

Definition at line 192 of file shipspecialdamage.cpp.

void ShipSpecialDamage::update_ship ( int  ship)

Definition at line 210 of file shipspecialdamage.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

int ShipSpecialDamage::m_blast

Definition at line 40 of file shipspecialdamage.h.

int ShipSpecialDamage::m_damage

Definition at line 37 of file shipspecialdamage.h.

int ShipSpecialDamage::m_duration

Definition at line 39 of file shipspecialdamage.h.

int ShipSpecialDamage::m_duration_enabled

Definition at line 33 of file shipspecialdamage.h.

int ShipSpecialDamage::m_inner_rad

Definition at line 35 of file shipspecialdamage.h.

int ShipSpecialDamage::m_outer_rad

Definition at line 36 of file shipspecialdamage.h.

int ShipSpecialDamage::m_ship_num

Definition at line 41 of file shipspecialdamage.h.

int ShipSpecialDamage::m_shock_enabled

Definition at line 32 of file shipspecialdamage.h.

int ShipSpecialDamage::m_shock_speed

Definition at line 38 of file shipspecialdamage.h.

BOOL ShipSpecialDamage::m_special_exp_enabled

Definition at line 34 of file shipspecialdamage.h.

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